Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Christmas list ideas😮👌🏻❤️

This blog post is about different ideas of a Christmas list that you could have.

As you see below it has different categories and different things that you might want to put in. Of course you can add as many things as you like into each category. 

Eg- perfume, make up etc..

Curling wand, hair straightners etc... 

Hover board, electric scooter etc...

Gift cards 

New phone, laptop, iPad, tv etc...

Michael kors etc...

These are a few things + more that you might want in your Christmas list this year! Xx

Love simply girl X

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Quick update ❤️

Hello there,
If you have been to my blog before you will know that there was posts before this. I have decided to wipe a clean slate and do more regular posts. as i know some of you are regular readers and i know you enjoy my blog. which is a good thing! :) 

The reason i have decided to start again on my blog is because my old blogs were random and never scheduled. So i want to make this scheduled. The reason for this is because, then it makes it easier for me to know that there is something there to look at. 

Writing a blog post is something i love and find very therapeutic and enjoy writing it. So thats what i wanted to say in this blog post and explain why all my other posts were gone, in case any of you were confused. But some good news is there should be something up more frequently than what it has been previously! 

If you would like to find me anywhere else then here is all my links:

Instagram: Click here xxx
Snapchat name is: Zoe_Rhianne
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See you soon xx, 

Simply girl X